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View Doc's Last Name First Name Lot Block Subdivision Section Township Range New Const. Repair Alter ation Issue Date Closed Date Type of System Permit # 
S00-0001 Schultz Paul 3 2 Blue Valley Acres 1/1/2000 standard soils absorption w/59 infiltrators S00-0001
S00-0002 Brooks Stan 26 6 Sunset Ridge #2 1/11/2000 soil absorption w/intermittant sand filter/72 infi S00-0002
S00-0003 Preston Jerry and Toby 13 2 Town of Parshall 1/31/2000 intermittent sand filter S00-0003
S00-0004 Munro Brian 14,15 3 Vulgamott 2/8/2000 holding tank S00-0004
S00-0005 Nolting Fred and Sue 3 Sunset Ridge #2 2/11/2000 soil absorption w/64 infiltrators S00-0005
S00-0006 Woody Matthew 18 Homestead Hills #3 2/29/2000 soils absorption w/45 infiltrators S00-0006
S00-0007 Brown/McNitt Darrell/Suzanne 5 The Reserve at Elk Horn Ridge 3/13/2000 standard soils absorption w/117 infiltrators S00-0007
S00-0008 Manguso Alfred & Kristen 2N 80W 3/17/2000 standard soils absorption w/58 infiltrators S00-0008
S00-0009 Vanderwerf Peter 20 Shadow Mountain Ranch 3/27/2000 standard soil absorption w/67 infiltrators S00-0009
S00-0010 Johnston Jeff and Bridget 8 4 Sunset Ridge 3/31/2000 standard soils absorption w/70 infiltrators S00-0010
S00-0011 McGowan Thomas and Catherine 9 4 Pole Creek Meadows 4/6/2000 standard soils absorp w/88 infiltrators & dosing S00-0011
S00-0012 Osborne Andy and Kathy 35 2N 79W 4/12/2000 replace old system w/sand filter system S00-0012
S00-0013 Dowdle Patrick M29 Mountain Shadows Estates #3 4/12/2000 standard soils absorption w/65 infiltrators S00-0013
S00-0014 McDonough Kevin and Janice 8 1N 77W 4/12/2000 standard pipe and gravel S00-0014
S00-0015 Wass Bryan and Margaret 1 B Old Park #5 4/12/2000 trench w/dosing and 55 EQ 36 infiltrators S00-0015
S00-0016 Skare Don and Renee 6 El Rancho 4/14/2000 standard soil absorption w/90 infiltrators S00-0016
S00-0017 Boltz/Audette Ben/Gail 3 Martin Sub Ex 4/18/2000 standard soils absorption w/68 infiltrators S00-0017
S00-0018 Hall William 2-43 Fairways at Pole Creek 4/19/2000 standard soil absorption system /59 infiltrators S00-0018
S00-0019 Nelson Todd 1 2 Blue Valley Acres #2 4/21/2000 standard soils absorption system on sand bed w/40 S00-0019
S00-0020 Thurston Wayne and Judy 25 1N 76W 4/21/2000 standard soils absorption w/80 inf S00-0020
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